Increase productivity through expert instruction in industry standards and new technology, giving you the power and knowledge to successfully implement an intelligent substation.

SUBNET’s training programs provide a unique opportunity to achieve expertise in managing and administering your substation assets. Embracing open standards, and industry-leading solutions, our hands-on training will walk you through the steps to improve efficiency within your electric utility.

ASE2000 v2 Test Set Training

SUBNET’s ASE2000™ Version 2 RTU Test Set Training is a hands-on, one-day training course that offers a focused and comprehensive introduction to working with the ASE Test Set.

DNP3 Protocols Training

SUBNET’s DNP3 Protocol Training is an intensive course that covers all aspects of the DNP3 protocol. Learn the open standards-based protocol that serves as the communication link between substation computers, RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), and master stations. SUBNET Solutions Inc. offers a comprehensive two-day training course focused on the DNP3 protocol.

SUBNET One Architecture Boot Camp

Everyone knows that the best learning experience does not come from a course; but rather from hands-on immersion in a topic led by topic experts.

You’re the expert in your utility systems, we’re the experts in our SUBNET software and together we can develop the optimal design for your utility’s needs.

The SUBNET One Architecture Boot Camp is an opportunity for you to engage with SUBNET Integration Engineers for an intensive week-long session that focuses on helping you to adapt SUBNET best practices, standards, and processes to YOUR system.

These have been shown to:

  • Reduce SubSTATION Server configuration efforts from days to hours.
  • Remove aspects of configurations that introduce errors.
  • Reuse engineering efforts by reapplying consistent patterns and processes to each system.
  • Simplify complexity and reduce the reliance on “expert users”.
SubSTATION Explorer 2015 Operator Training

SUBNET’s SubSTATION Explorer™ 2015  Operator Training is a hands-on course that provides operator Level instruction on using the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 Human Machine Interface (HMI). The application is an intelligent substation operator interface, enabling custom configurations for direct interaction with devices and equipment, with superior flexibility and control. Attendees will learn the benefits of having secure visual access to and control of all substation data, including devices, alarms, controls, value displays, and user-defined custom objects. This training is an introduction to the flexibility and versatility of the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 product but is not intended to be a designer-level course.

See SUBNET Power-User Boot-Camp for designer level competency. 

SubSTATION Server 2 Operator Training

SUBNET’s SubSTATION Server™ 2 Operator Training is a hands-on course that covers administrative functions in SubSTATION Server. Learn about master and slave protocols, devices, and connections, working with the port server, calculator, and logic functions, using comma-separated value (CSV) templates and event file collection. SUBNET Solutions offers a 1-day training course that covers configuring the SubSTATION Server platform, and transmitting data beyond the substation. . This training is an introduction to the flexibility and versatility of the SubSTATION Server 2 product, but is not intended to be a designer level course. See SUBNET Power-User Boot-Camp for designer level competency. 

SUBNET’s IEC 60870-101/104 Training

SUBNET offers a three day protocol training course that combines an IEC 101/104 protocol training module with an ASE2000 Test Set module. To get the most value from your SUBNET training, the two modules must be taken in conjunction with each other and cannot be taken separately.