SubSTATION Explorer 2015 Operator Training

SUBNET’s SubSTATION Explorer™ 2015  Operator Training is a hands-on course that provides operator Level instruction on using the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 Human Machine Interface (HMI). The application is an intelligent substation operator interface, enabling custom configurations for direct interaction with devices and equipment, with superior flexibility and control. Attendees will learn the benefits of having secure visual access to and control of all substation data, including devices, alarms, controls, value displays, and user-defined custom objects. This training is an introduction to the flexibility and versatility of the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 product, but is not intended to be a designer level course.

See SUBNET Power-User Boot-Camp for designer level competency.

Training Hours: 8

Course Duration: 8.00


Course objectives include:
  • Learn to work within the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 configuration and runtime interfaces
  • Understand the benefits of implementing the SubSTATION Explorer 22015 intelligent HMI
  • Recognize configuration options and strategies to achieve the most out of the application
  • Gain experience working with substation configurations using stencils, automatic and manual point mapping, mapping alarms, and more
Course abstract:
  • Overview of the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 platform, including interoperability with SubSTATION Server and deployment options for individual substation computers
  • Feature comparison of Substation Explorer version 1,2 and SubSTATION Explorer 2015
  • Introduction to the interface, including; menus, toolbars and options in both configuration and run mode
  • Controlling file access through both the network security and file permissions features
  • Hands-on practice creating a single line diagram using pre-built stencils
  • Overview of new features which includes Web Portal access to HMI, creating Real Time (live) and Historical trending, Alarm History and customizing Alarm email notifications
  • Using the free-form drawing and formatting tools
  • Assigning targets to variables and actions; also using quick dropping with pre-made stencils
  • Hands-on exercises creating custom Stencils
  • Creating and configuring digital alarm annunciators
  • Using control lockouts
  • Hands-on practice building a full substation HMI file, complete with breakers, alarms, value displays, controls, and page navigation using drag and drop elements
  • Introduction to Scripting

The SubSTATION Explorer™ 2015 Operator Training course is open to all levels of experience. Attendees should have a solid understanding of substation communication protocols and general substation devices. While not required, completion of the SubSTATION Server Training course is highly beneficial.

Target Audience:

This program is designed for those who will have responsibility for using and operating the SubSTATION Explorer 2015 HMI software.

  • SCADA Operators, Engineers and Field Technicians

Included in the Course:

  • SubSTATION Explorer 2015 Participant’s Guide
  • Hands-on practice activities
  • Example files
  • Communications with SEL and DNP devices to provide online points
  • Certificate upon successful completion of course

Learning Environment:

SUBNET training is designed for electric utility professionals. The learning environment is structured to include participation from all participants. Training includes lectures, hands-on components and time to discuss industry issues and solutions. The relaxed environment encourages participants to engage with industry colleagues and course instructors to achieve maximum benefits from the course.