Securing Utilities OT Devices Worldwide

65+ Countries and in 6 Continents

SUBNET has deployed Critical Infrastructure in 65+ Countries and over 6 Continents

39 of the 50 USA States

SUBNET Enables NERC CIP Compliance for BCA devices in 39 of the 50 US States.

Why choose PowerSYSTEM Center?

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Specially designed to manage devices that are a part of your critical infrastructure protection (NERC CIP) compliance program.

Integrate all devices, regardless or manufacturer or model

Most device manufacturers and models and supported. Newer devices can be integrated in-field or through an in-house team of device communication experts.

Eliminate human performance issues and errors

Automate tasks to ensure work is done quickly and correctly every time.

Protect your existing device investment

Integrate existing devices with PowerSYSTEM Center to ensure their compliance with NERC CIP without having to replace them.

Our Unified Grid Intelligence solution is based on our 4 flagship products

SUBNET Solutions Inc. is making substations more intelligent through their unified grid intelligence solutions. Thousands of substations use SUBNET software products to make them “smarter”. SUBNET employees, customers, and partners collaborate to create technology for a smarter power grid.


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