ASE2000 Test Set helps maintain SCADA RTUs, IEDs and diagnose communication problems

The ASE2000 Test Set is for engineers, technicians, maintenance professionals and other electric utility personnel who need to maintain SCADA remote terminal units (RTUs) and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and diagnose communication problems.


This Windows-based test set not only simulates a host, it can also simulate an IED. The ASE2000 is used as a line monitor to display and log communications between a host and an IED. ASE’s advanced testing platform can also be used for automated testing eliminating the redundancy and labor associated with issuing multiple, manual commands. Using a single laptop or desktop computer of the user’s choice, IEDs and hosts of multiple protocols can be simulated on the same machine. Licenses are available for over 100 legacy and modern communication protocols ensuring short ordering lead times.


With the ASE2000 test set, equipment manufacturers, conformance testers and system integrators no longer have to struggle with the limitations of vintage test set technology.


User Interface

The ASE2000 Test Set user interface is a very user friendly Windows-based application. Dialog boxes enable the user to define test session specific information and user preference information. For tests that require special conditions, a set of intuitive and easy to use set-up screens is provided.


ASE2000 USB-RS (USD $3525) Designed for both laptop and desktop computers, the ASE2000 USB-RS utilizes a BCOM-USB device (supplied) with two RS-232 communication channels and supports both bit and byte oriented protocols.

ASE2000 USB-M (USD $4450) Designed for laptop and desktop computers, the ASE2000 USB-M utilizes a BCOM-USB device (supplied) with two RS-232 communication channels and supports both bit and byte oriented protocols. Also supplied is a Dual channel BELL 202T modem.

ASE2000-COM (USD $2950) ) Designed for both laptop and desktop computers, the ASE2000-COM utilizes a USB dongle (supplied) and standard PC COM ports and is suitable for users that require support for byte oriented protocols only. For applications requiring bit oriented protocol support, or bit and byte oriented protocol support, either the ASE2000-USB or ASE2000-PCM is required.




  • Graphics window/menu screen presentation with keyboard or pointer navigation.
  • Common user interface set-up displays, independent of protocol.
  • Custom display of data with protocol-specific formatting.
  • User preference set-up and save.
  • Extensive on-line help facility.
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating environments.


  • User configurable event log can capture, for later review, communication errors, analog limit exceptions, digital point changes, selected message types (supervisory control), and more.
  • Event triggering.
  • RTU response time measurement (1 msec. resolution with ASE2000-PCM-RS or ASE2000-PCM-M).
  • Low level control over message structure, security error, message timing, and other fields to allow customization for advanced testing requirements.
  • Communication error generator for error detection testing.
  • Time synchronization for protocols that support Master/RTU time synchronization.

Line Monitoring

  • Real-time display of message data (bi-directional).
  • Time stamped messages.
  • Interpreted and raw data display options.
  • Filtering options for selected data display.
  • Trigger options for identification of specific events.
  • Data display number base preference (decimal, hex, octal, binary).
  • Disk storage/retrieval of message data from test sessions.
  • Communication statistics (message count, parity errors, security errors, etc.).

RTU Simulation

  • User configurable to respond to master requests for multiple devices (party line).
  • Point value modeling for data change activity (analog, digital, accumulator).

Available Protocols

CDC Type 1
CDC Type 1, 12 bit address
CDC Type 2
CDC Type 2 Synchronous
Conitel 300
Conitel 2000
Conitel 2020
Conitel 2100B
Conitel 2100M
Conitel 3000
Ferranti Van Comm
Getac 7020/4-BCH
Getac 7020-LP
Harris 5000/6000
IEC 870-5-101
IEC 870-5-103
IEC 870-5-104
Indactic 33/1
Indactic 33/41
Indactic 33/41 Extended

Landis & Gyr BOA
Landis & Gyr Telegyr 8979
Modbus ASCII
Modbus RTU
PG&E 2179
Quantum DNP1/QDIF
Recon 1.1
Redac 70D
Redac 70H
Rockwell 5010
Rockwell 5011 (Standard)
Rockwell 5011 (PSI)
Rockwell 5012
SCADA Consultants
SES 92
Southern Services
Systems Control 5.0
Systems Control 5.4.1
Systems Control 5.5
Systems Control 6.0
Valmet (Tejas) Series 3
Valmet (Tejas) Series 5
Valmet (Tejas) Series 5
Westinghouse Wisp+
Westinghouse Wisp+ Extended