CCE, Your Warranty Against Obsolescence

SUBNET’s Continuous Current Evolution (CCE) program is, and will continue to be, the most cost effective way to maintain and upgrade your SUBNET software. CCE program benefits include free access to software major version upgrades, security and patch notifications, software license transferability and a free block of Engineering hours that can be applied to whatever projects you wish.

At the end of standard 10 year warranty you are normally left with a 10 year old product. After 10 years of CCE you are left with the very latest versions of all our software and the right to transfer them to whatever hardware and operating system you wish.


SUBNET’s Continuous Current Evolution (CCE)


Program helps you to get the most from your investment in SUBNET technology. The CCE Program helps keep your SUBNET software current enabling you to continuously evolve your software to take advantage of the latest improvements and innovations as well avoid hardware obsolescence. Enroll in CCE and protect your investment in SUBNET technology.

FeaturesStandard Software Support ProgramIntroductory Continuous Current Evolution ProgramFull Continuous Current Evolution Program
Help Desk for Severe Bug Fixes
Priority Help Desk SupportX ✓✓ 
Major Version Upgrade at no additional chargeX✓ 
Minor Release Updates for Current Major Release VersionX
Minor Release Updates for Supported Prior Major Release VersionsX
Software Hot Fix UpdatesX
Operating System UpdatesX
Updates to Existing HardwareX
Software Service BulletinsX
SUBNET Patch Management Bulletin AccessX
Patch Management Email Notification Service and UpdatesXX
Extended System Engineering Services  Expiration TermXX
Software License Portability to New Operating SystemsXX
Software License Portability to New HardwareXX
Training Tour IncentivesXX
System Engineering/Technical Services IncentivesXX

Whether you’re using SubSTATION Server, SubSTATION Explorer, PowerSYSTEM Server, PowerSYSTEM Center (EnterpriseSERVER.NET), or any other SUBNET software, signing up for the Continuous Current Evolution Program will help ensure the smooth operation of your SUBNET applications long after your software is purchased.

Save Time and Money Maintaining your SUBNET Software

Enrolling in SUBNET’s annual CCE Program is significantly less expensive than purchasing single upgrades and the annual costs are easier to plan for. Once enrolled in the CCE Program you will have access to new major versions of software immediately. Keeping your software up to date helps your technical staff better manage operations.

Receive SUBNET Training Discounts for your Staff

With SUBNET’s CCE Program, your staff is eligible to receive SUBNET training at a significant discount. As new staff are introduced to SUBNET Technology they can take advantage of SUBNET’s on-going training programs and become proficient users.

System Engineering and Technical Services

CCE Program participants get a block of system engineering hours. You can leverage the expertise of SUBNET to create and maintain a powerful substation architecture that is unified, secure, intelligent and evolvable.

Patch Management Email Notification Service and Updates

Customers enrolled in the CCE Program are eligible for SUBNET’s Patch Management E-mail Notification and Update Service.