SUBNET is a software products company dedicated to serving the needs of the electric utility industry

SUBNET provides innovative interoperability solutions that combine the latest SUBstation technologies with modern day NETworking and computing technologies enabling electrical utilities to build a smarter, more effective electricity grid. We create products that make your substations–and your overall power grid–more intelligent; enabling you to more reliably and safely deliver power to your customers.

Our Unified Grid Intelligence Solution Is Based On Our 4 Flagship Products:


SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET) was initially founded as Demand Side Solutions Inc. in 1992. Demand Side focused on implementing technology based solutions to better utilize the available electricity supply, and manage demand peaks. These real-time SCADA-based solutions enabled electrical utilities to implement interruptible and peak time use rates for large commercial and industrial customers.

This experience led Demand Side into providing substation automation and integration solutions, and eventually into open communication protocols. SUBNET was among the first organizations to recognize the power of the DNP3 open protocol, and led DNP3-based training, test set implementation and the development of the DNP3 User Group.

In 1996 Demand Side entered into partnership with a protocol test-set company, Protocol Technologies Inc. The PTI Test Set software supported different SCADA protocols, allowing for both master and slave as well as ‘monitor mode’ functionality.

Demand Side and Protocol Technologies produced a unified, multi-protocol test set, allowing utilities an advanced and affordable solution to replace various vendor’s outdated, proprietary-protocol, “lunch box” test sets.

These dual focuses: on open protocols and multi-protocol test sets, are the roots of SUBNET’s Unified Substation Intelligence philosophy. This concept is designed to free utilities from being boxed in by vendor specific or proprietary technologies and instead offer solutions that provide true, multi-vendor, multi function interoperability.

In April 2000, Demand Side Solutions and Protocol Technologies merged to become SUBNET Solutions Inc. Over the last decade SUBNET has created many innovative solutions to bridge the real-time information gap between intelligent substation and grid monitoring devices, and powerful utility business intelligence systems. This is the focus of the Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy that has guided our company since 1992. SUBNET’s experience is put to work helping electrical utilities realize the potential of their substation IED and business intelligence investments.

Today SUBNET is a rapidly growing, 100% privately-held company with locations throughout North America. Our products are used by over 300 utilities and 50 vendors, and SUBNET has been ranked 29th in Deloitte Canada’s FAST 50, and 319th in Deloitte Technology’s North American FAST 500.


SUBNET is focused on providing the highest quality of products and services to its clients. We are continually striving to exceed our customer’s expectations and we believe these efforts are the primary reason for our exceptional successes and continuous growth. SUBNET is dedicated to constant improvement related to delivering the highest level of software products and service excellence.