Unite all of SUBNET’s SubSTATION Server configuration tools into a single package suitable for maintaining all of your substation configurations.

Instead of installing multiple versions of SubSTATION Server to use as editors for your configurations, SubSTATION Studio provides a single source for creating, updating, and upgrading all software versions in a safe, offline environment.

Benefits of SubSTATION Studio 2015

SubSTATION Studio 2015 is part of SUBNET’s Unified Grid Intelligence philosophy. This holistic approach provides interoperable solutions between many different field devices, to many different business systems, over many different types of communication networks.

The goal of these solutions is to provide true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability. SUBNET’s solutions integrate with utilities’ existing IEDs, IT networks, and engineering productivity tools to deliver data efficiently and securely to analysts, maintenance personnel, engineering departments, and operations.

Features of SubSTATION Studio 2015

Manage All Your Configurations Offline

  • No need to uninstall and reinstall multiple versions of SubSTATION Server
  • Move configurations from SubSTATION Studio to your lab and in-service SubSTATION Server installations with ease
  • Supports secure automated file transfer of fault records to centralized archive (such as PowerSYSTEM Center My Faults solution)
  • Encrypted automated file transfer securely transports substation data files for use by third party computer applications
Safe and Easy SubSTATION Server Upgrades
  • Standardized labels and terminology minimize transition differences between services
  • Tab-based design lets you keep multiple windows open simultaneously for faster navigation
  • Window panes can be detached to float independently or docked in whatever layout maximizes your workflow
  • Choose between several Windows, Office, and Visual
  • Studio styles to match your preferred look and feel.
  • Upgrade the configuration of any version of SubSTATION Server to any newer version
  • Full support for all major releases and all hotfixes
  • Includes SubSTATION Server’s complete application library
Customizable Interface
  • Quickly access your more frequently-used commands via completely programmable hotkeys Why this is cool
  • View or hide standard menu and status bars to maximize your editing area
  • Add and customize your toolbars for speedy access to commands
  • Show and hide toolbars on demand depending on your current activities
  • Create and edit context-sensitive menus to bring desirable commands into focus as you navigate between windows
Detailed Edit History
  • SubSTATION Studio records all user actions and displays them in a single history window
  • Undo and restore actions simply by clicking on the appropriate command within the history window
Consistent and Modern Style
  • Context-sensitive properties window switches focus to whatever object you select
Advanced Productivity Tools
  • Create templates for any device to quickly and easily create end devices
  • Copy and paste data through Excel to leverage Excel’s formula and formatting tools to rapidly replicate and manage point data
  • Connect live to devices via device-specific online wizards to import settings and point data
  • SubSTATION Studio’s powerful automapping engine lets you create flexible logic to automatically map device point data from master/client drivers into any combination of slave/server connections to instantly populate your master station and historian data maps