SUBNET One Architecture Boot Camp

Everyone knows that the best learning experience does not come from a course; but rather from the hands-on immersion in a topic led by topic experts. You’re the expert in your utility systems, we’re the experts in our SUBNET software and together we can develop the optimal design for your utility’s needs.

The SUBNET One Architecture Boot Camp is an opportunity for you to engage with SUBNET Integration Engineers for an intensive week-long session that focuses on helping you to adapt SUBNET best practices, standards, and processes to YOUR system.

These have been shown to:
  • Reduce SubSTATION Server configuration efforts from days to hours.
  • Remove aspects of configurations that introduce errors.
  • Reuse engineering efforts by reapplying consistent patterns and processes to each system.
  • Simplify complexity and reduce the reliance on “expert users”.
Training Hours: 28

Course Duration: 28.00

Course objectives include:
During this week-long session, YOUR Company’s System Architecture and design will be the main focus and priority to review, evaluate and improve.

This has been shown to:
  • Reduce devices and configurations.
  • Proactively plan and future-proof your designs and systems for new technology and standards.
  • YOUR system deployment is integrated with SUBNET best practices and processes.
Course abstract:
Working directly with our System Engineer(s) together we will:
This has been shown to:
  • Document your conventions and standards for system deployments.
  • Adapt those standards to different configuration tasks within the SUBNET products.
  • Design device templates that describe master and slave data collection within your environment.
  • Define auto-mapping rules that will automatically associate the master data to the slave data.
  • Build SubSTATION Explorer stencils for easy-to-configure HMI systems that conform to your standards.
  • Practice configuration and deployment scenarios related to your system configuration.
From these intense sessions, you will walk away a Power User on SUBNET products.


A basic understanding of SubSTATION Server and SubSTATION Explorer is required.

Target Audience:

Typical participants include SCADA engineers, technicians and other persons responsible for evaluating or implementing substation architecture or HMI software, testing, implementing and troubleshooting substation communication devices.

  • SCADA Engineers and Technicians
  • Control System Technicians
  • Communication & Relay Technicians
  • System Engineers & Maintenance Personnel

Learning Environment:

Users of SUBNET SubSTATION Server and SubSTATION Explorer wanting to master advanced techniques and features that can maximize effectiveness and improve efficiency in configuring, deploying and using the full suite of features of their SUBNET products will benefit from attending.

Engineering and IT personnel responsible for evaluating, testing and implementing advanced substation information systems, looking to maintain and improve existing systems, while preparing them for the future will leave with invaluable lessons and experiences.