SUBNET Solutions Inc. expands its industry-leading electric utility OT Cyber Security solutions for Oil & Gas and other global critical infrastructure sectors

SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET), a global leader for over two decades in Electric Utility Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity, is announcing it is expanding its Grid OT Device Management technology to address the Oil and Gas and other critical infrastructure industries OT Cyber security needs.

The new offering will be called SUBNET SYSTEM Center.  The SUBNET SYSTEM Center platform enables corporations to address their initial critical OT Asset Inventory management needs and much more.  The SUBNET SYSTEM Center platform is expandable to actively and securely manage all your connected critical OT Devices via multiple OT Device connectivity use cases. Available OT Device connection solutions include; a powerful centralized secure remote access solution, a mobile field worker solution, and a local station level secure engineering server system.

SUBNET began offering OT cyber security solutions even prior to the NERC Urgent Action Cyber Security Standard 1200 published in 2003.  Today, the TSA Security Directive (SD Pipeline- 2021-02) is requiring Pipeline companies to meet many of the same cybersecurity requirements required by NERC 18 years previous.  Since 2003, SUBNET has helped US electric utilities in 40 of the 50 US states meet and exceed their ever-evolving NERC CIP compliance needs and is well positioned to help pipelines and other critical infrastructure meet their cybersecurity needs as well. Today 8 of the 15 largest investor-owned utilities in the US and many of the largest global utilities in 6 continents use SUBNET to manage all their critical Grid OT Devices.

With the launch of these new SUBNET offerings, SUBNET is bringing its decades of OT Device Management expertise to all critical infrastructure industries.

SUBNET SYSTEM Center includes advanced vendor agnostic Device Management capabilities for all your OT Devices.  Key capabilities include; OT Device Password Management, Settings Management, Firmware Management, and Network Baseline Management.   SUBNET’s SYSTEM Center advanced protocol and application device driver technology enables SYSTEM Center to offer advanced device management automation for all of these use cases as well.

Given the mounting tensions and challenges in the energy and utilities sector this year, organizations responsible for critical infrastructure are facing increased pressure. The risk of supply shortages means that even minor disruptions could have significant consequences. Cyber attackers have been specifically targeting this sector in an attempt to disrupt essential services. Furthermore, the operational technology and control systems often utilized in this sector are situated in remote or hard-to-access locations, making the implementation of security measures more challenging.

Ameen Hamdon, SUBNET President and CEO stated, “SUBNET stands as a global cybersecurity leader, providing solutions to safeguard OT Devices of all scales and types. The comprehensive solutions package comprises enhanced multi-vendor OT Device support, advanced intelligent secure remote access, and comprehensive OT security and device management capabilities.”

About SUBNET Solutions Inc.:

Founded in 1992, SUBNET offers industry-leading cybersecurity and data integration software solutions for various intelligent devices used to monitor and control critical infrastructure. SUBNET provides advanced grid modernization solutions that facilitate “specifically multi-vendor”™ device support. This contrasts with the vendor-specific offerings commonly provided by larger utility device vendors, ensuring that customers are not restricted to a single vendor solution.

SUBNET’s new Critical Infrastructure OT Device management solutions are based on our 5 flagship products:

  • PowerSYSTEM Center™
  • PowerSYSTEM Server™
  • SubSTATION Server™
  • SubSTATION Explorer™

For more information about SUBNET’s new Critical Infrastructure OT Device management solutions please visit or contact us at [email protected].


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