Centralized password management for IEDs

My Passwords automates the password management process for IEDs, helping you comply with NERC CIP. Manual password management quickly becomes a daunting task when you consider the multiple levels of authentication needed for every IED across hundreds or thousands of substations. With My Passwords, you can make password changes at prescheduled times, or make password changes on demand or manually as required.

How You Benefit

  • Help meet NERC CIP requirements with regular password changes
  • Simplify and facilitate NERC CIP audits
  • Minimize labor to perform password changes
  • Lower risk and increase reliability
  • Save money by using your existing IT infrastructure and processes
  • Use best-of-breed IED hardware solutions, instead of locking into a single vendor

Our Solution

Automates the password management process for IEDs

My Passwords can automatically update thousands of IED passwords at scheduled intervals or on-demand, facilitating compliance with cyber security legislation. My Passwords also helps manage manual changes to IEDs where required.

Incorporates comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting

Supports your next NERC CIP audit with standard reports, including password change history, IED access and unauthorized attempts, permission audit reporting, and more.

Avoids the need for any additional substation hardware

My Passwords does not require additional hardware; rather, it leverages your existing IT infrastructure. This simplifies integration, reduces costs, and facilitates maintenance.

Automatically authenticates through the various layers of software and hardware security

My Passwords can be configured to navigate through multiple levels of security and devices to reach target devices and change passwords. This makes My Passwords a comprehensive solution, simplifying password management.

Provides highly granular control over password policies

Users are able to define password policies for each device type to create highly granular control over password policies instead of a “one size fits all” solution. Control over password length, special characters, numbers, and letters is made possible with My Passwords.