Secure Intelligent Remote IED Access

My IEDs is a software application that manages access to all IED configuration and data, whether local or remote. This provides you the access you need to perform a broad range of operational, maintenance, and asset management tasks. My IEDs automatically connects to devices, so that authorized users do not need to know the process, procedure, or parameters to access the IEDs. Personnel can focus on their jobs, not the process of accessing IEDs.

How You Benefit

  • Gain remote access to IEDs while maintaining cyber security policies
  • Increase staff productivity by spending less time trying to access remote IEDs and more time managing and maintaining devices
  • Increase the reliability of your infrastructure by aiding remote diagnosis and repair
  • Reduce risks of outages or personnel injury by avoiding on-site work
  • Reduce the need to travel to substations, decreasing costs and saving time
  • Avoid locking into a single vendor solution by adopting this multi-vendor solution; you’re free to choose your substation IED hardware

Our Solution

Provides single sign-on capability

My IEDS is tightly integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory authentication. This means the only credentials a user needs to know is their network username and password provided by their IT department. Once authenticated, users can see and access the IEDs they are allowed to access based on their permissions.

Enables quick, easy, and automated connection to substation devices

My IEDs is configured to know how to automatically connect to IEDs. You can spend more time actually managing and maintaining IEDs and less time trying to connect to them.

Centralizes management of user remote access

System administrators appreciate the ability to control who has access to specific IEDs. My IEDs enable permissions to be set on a user, IED, application, task, or command basis. Users appreciate this because they only see what they are allowed to access instead of navigating numerous unavailable devices.

Supports common connection types

My IEDs supports connections to substation devices via dial-up connections and Ethernet. My IEDs understands what type of connection is required to access a specific IED and automatically connects to the devices when accessed by an authorized user.

Is easy to install and manage

My IEDs does not require client software installation on a user’s computer. Nor does it require additional hardware and software installation at the substation level. My IEDs works with your existing IT infrastructure, reducing integration costs and on-going maintenance expense.